aerial performance

"Clara LaFrance was the first circus superstar that my daughters absolutely adored. They watched her perform and were in complete awe. When they passed her in the hallway after a show they swooned with delight and then could not get over how sweet and gentle she was, how she smiled and happily signed her autograph at their shy request. Her acts are both feisty and accessible, jaw dropping and soothing. What a brilliant star!"
~Audrey H.

living statue performance

"Grace! You bring grace to every event you perform at. Everyone who posts a photo to Flickr of this event will have one of you in it. You bring beauty and grace!"
Passerby, Oakland First Friday

circus instruction

"Clara is an absolute joy to work with, both as a teacher and a performer. As a teacher, she is clear and concise and knows how to safely teach all levels and ages of students while still being able to challenge them . As a performer, she is charismatic, talented and dedicated to her craft. She has been a wonderful asset to my school and was always willing to lend a hand and help out in any way she could. She will be missed dearly on the East coast but I consider it a great opportunity for the West coast to get to work with her and experience all she has to offer."
~ Chris Oakley, SHOW Circus Studio